About Us

We provide best in class technical solutions and customer service

Tech1 Solutions

Tech1Solutions is a Australian Communications company that is helping Australian’s unlock their potential through our earnest approach to delivering customized Communications solutions, post-delivery support, and on-call services.
We understand that implementing change within your business or household can be time consuming, costly, disruptive & frustrating, but it does not have to be.
Tech1Solutions provides an independent evaluation and solutions tailored to your company’s needs and requirements. Our process, as outlined below, ensures that we deliver the best outcomes for you.

Discover: Your circumstances and requirements, your vision and goals
Build: Optimal solutions to take you from A to B and beyond
Deliver: Professional delivery from a team dedicated to exceptional service
Support: It is our promise to you that we will offer market leading pre- and post-installation support
Maintain: Tech1Solutions will be there for you long after the shine has worn off your new system. We provide manufacturer approved updates as a value-added service to keep your system operating at its best